Welsh Arts Archive

The Welsh Arts Archive is an ongoing project by photographer Bernard Mitchell to record a comprehensive list of notable characters within the Arts community in Wales.

The Archive contains an alphabetical list of names followed by the occupation (or discipline) and the unique photographic reference for the artist featured. To obtain further information, and an image of the artist, simply click on the name.  Not all of the pictures are loaded here yet, please be patient.  This is a major project, which is constantly expanding, and will perhaps never actually be completed (due to its very nature).  If you would like a high resolution copy of any of the images please contact me

In the past the documentation of the artists of Wales has been sadly neglected. This group of portraits is part of a much larger collection of photographs of the artists of Wales. The Welsh Arts Archive began in 1966 with a series of portraits of the Swansea friends of Dylan Thomas, including the artists Ceri Richards and Alfred Janes, the poet Vernon Watkins and the composer Daniel Jones

Since 1990 I have added many artists who have since passed away, including, Will Roberts, Josef Herman, John Petts, Ivor Roberts Jones, John Elwyn, David Tinker and Ernest Zobole. The work continues with the artists working today.

In 1999, a large exhibition of photographs of artists was held at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. Photographs are also held in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, London, The National Museum of Wales, Cardiff and the Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea.

Bernard Mitchell

Photographs of the Artists which have been added to the Website so far can be found in the Gallery section.

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Prof Jane Aaron    
John Abell Artist / Print maker  
Dannie Abse Poet  
Martin Ace and the Silverbirds Band  
Hugh Adams    
Susan Adams Artist  
Lesley Grant Adamson Writer  
Allan Ahlberg    
John Akerman Writer  
George Alagiah TV Journalist  
David Rayvern-Allen Cricket writer  
Keith Allen Actor/writer etc  
Richard Allen Artist  
David Almond Children’s writer  
David Alston    
Claire A’Herne Ceramic artist  
John Amis Writer/critic  
Keith Andrew Artist  
Eric Angels Artist  
Philip Ardagh    
David Armstrong Writer  
Mary Arrigan Irish children’s writer  
Ash Poet  
Trezza Azzopardi Writer  


Daniel Backhouse Artist  
Peter Bailey Artist  
Joan Baker Artist, Cardiff  
Peter Bailey Artist  
Iwan Bala Artist  
Niel Bally Artist  
Esha Bandopadhyay Indian vocalist  
John Barnie Poet / Editor Planet  
Des Barry Writer  
Tim Batcup    
John Bates Artist  
Martin Battye Artist, Great Yarmouth  
Joe Bayliss    
Keith Bayliss Artist  
Shiraz Bayou Artist  
Paul Beauchamp Artist photographer  
Claire Beaton Wordplay  
Lynne Bebb Sculptor  
Alan Beech Ceramic artist  
Brian Beehan Playwright  
Alexander Beleschenko Stained Glass Artist  
Kate Bell Artist  
Rodney Bender Stained Glass Artist  
Elinor Bennett Harpist  
Sonja Benskin Artist  
Walter Bergmoser Artist/photographer at SIHE  
Louis de Bernieres Writer  
Dave Berry Film historian  
Anna Bessant Stained glass artist  
Nick Bevan Chef  
Gwenllian Beynon Artist  
Ruth Bidgood Poet  
Alison Bielski Poet  
John Bilsborough Poet  
Railroad Bill Skiffle group  
Richard Billingham Photographer  
Professor Kirsti Bohata Writer, Director of CREW  
Christian Lynn-Bird Artist miniatures  
Peter Blake Artist  
Michael Bogdanov    
Helen Booth Artist  
Partha Bose Sitarist  
David Boucher Writer  
Keith Bowen Artist  
Phil Bowen Poet  
Tim Bowler Writer  
Frank C Boyce Children’s writer  
Max Boyce Entertainer  
Paul Boyce Vice Chancellor, Dylan Thomas prize  
Boys from the Hill Folk group  
Eddie Braben Script writer  
Geof Bradford Artist  
Sarah Bradford Artist  
Paul Brewer Artist photographer  
Nana Kwame Adyei-Brenyah Writer  
Terry Breverton Publisher  
Mike Briscoe Artist  
Bourdon Brindlle (Chris Harris) Artist   
Professor David Britton Writer  
Harry Brockway Sculptor/wood engraver  
Diana Brook Artist  
Kevin Brooks Children’s writer  
Andy Brown    
Catherine Brown Stained Glass and Ceramic Artist  
Gordon Brown Artist  
Stuart Brown Poet  
William Brown Artist  
Thibault Brunet Photographer  
Hilary Bryanston Artist  
Ivan Bukovsky Czech artist  
Melvyn Burgess    
Lisa Burkl  Stained Glass Artist  
Richard Burns Writer  
Brendan Stuart-Burns Artist  
Ainsley Burrows Poet  
Charles Burton Artist  
Richard Burton Actor with children  
Sylvie Hoffman-Butterbach Stained glass artist  
Mark Button Photographer  
Georgia Byng Children’s writer  
Charles Byrd Artist  


Brian Cainen Writer  
Dr Ruth Callaway    
Bryn Campbell Photographer  
James Campbell Ceramic artist  
Carlow Choral Society    
David Carpanini Artist  
Jane Carpanini Artist  
Suzanne Carpenter Artist  
Tina Carr Photographer  
Justin Caroll Artist  
Nikki Cass Glass artist  
Roger Cecil Artist  
Cefn Fab Bard  
Cor Ceredigion Dublin  
Michael Chaitow Artist  
George Chambers Artist  
Felicity Charlton Artist  
Phillip Cheater Artist  
Kate Cheeseman    
Andy Chittock Photographer  
Ni Chuilleanain Irish poet  
Sheila Clark Artist/print maker  
Valerie Coffin-Price Artist  
John Cooper-Clarke Artist  
Gillian Clarke National Poet of Wales  
Terry Clarke    
Matthew Clatworthy Stained glass artist  
John Cleal Artist  
Gerald Clement Cllr.  
Gill Clement Jewelry Designer  
Muriel Clement Weaver / Artist  
Anne Cluysenaar Poet  
Michael Coady Irish poet  
Sally Cohen Artist  
Bronwen Colquhoun Curator Photography  
Angela Colderick    
Katarzyna Coleman Artist, Great Yarmouth  
Michael Coleman    
Morag Colquhoun Artist  
David Colwell Bentwood furniture  
Mike Collier Photographer  
Neil Collier Photographer  
Gerald Conn Animator  
Alys Conran Poet, Writer  
Tony Conran Poet  
Roger Cook Dr. / Transgressions  
Derek Copley    
Maud Cotter Artist  
Glenys Cour Artist  
Peter Coviello Artist  
Jack Crabtree Artist  
Jack Crampton Artist, Great Yarmouth  
Alistair Crawford Artist/photographer  
Denis Curry Sculptor  
Tony Curtis Poet  
Cwmtawe Band    


Cynog Dafis AM    
Ffur Dafydd Daughter of Menna Elfyn  
Danescastle School Irish band and dancers  
Holly Davey Artist  
Huw Davie    
Adrian Davies Artist  
Andrew Davies AM    
Robert Francis Davies Ch. Culture Swansea  
Ivor Davies Artist  
James A Davies Prof.  
Jason Davies Ceramic artist  
John Davies Poet  
Lyn Lewis Davies    
Marcelle Davies Embroidery artist  
Nia Davies Artist  
Nicola Davies Children’s writer  
Ogwen Davies Artist  
Peter Davies Artist  
Stevie Davies Writer  
Ron Davies Photographer  
Ron Davies AM    
Rose Davies (Rosie Scribblah) Artist  
Russell T Davies Writer  
Jenny Spencer Davies Curator Glynn Viv  
Tim Davies Artist  
Walford Davies Writer  
Damien Walford-Davies Prof.  
Jason Walford-Davies Bangor University  
Richard Davies Writer  
Anna Davis Writer  
Pete Davis Photographer  
Patricia MacKinnon-Day Artist  
Jan Dean    
Dr Michelle Deininger Co-ordinating Lecturer in Humanities, Cardiff University  
Muriel Delahaye Artist  
Mike Dellow Photographer  
Stanislav Denk Czech poet  
Kathy DeWitt Photographer  
Colin Dexter Writer  
Nuala ni Dhomhnaill Irish poet  
Kathryn Dodd Artist  
Lucy Donald Artist/print maker  
James Donovan Artist  
Maura Dooley Poet  
John Dougherty    
Malachy Doyle Children’s writer  
Carol Anne Duffy Poet Laureate of England  
Aidan Andrew Dun Poet  
Chris Dunbabin Artist  
Aidan Dunn Poet  
Alan Durant    
Mark Durden Prof  
Paul Durden Writer  
Sarah Dyer    
Dylan Thomas Players    


Jean Earle Poet  
Heather Eastes Artist  
James Guy Eccleston Artist  
Aled Edwards Baritone  
Gareth Edwards Rugby Player  
Peter Edwards Artist  
John Edwards Stained Glass Artist, Bishopston  
Rhian Edwards Singer  
John Uzzel-Edwards Artist  
Menna Elfyn Poet  
Edwina Ellis Wood engraver  
Ken Elias Artist  
Ossian Ellis Harpist  
Trevor Ellis Husband of Aeronwy Thomas  
Hans Eneman Artist  
John Elwyn Artist  
Alun Evans Artist  
Anthony Evans Artist  
Ann Catrin Evans Artist  
Bryan Evans Stained Glass Artist, Morriston  
Carys Evans Artist  
Elissa Evans Artist/ print maker  
John Evans Poet  
J.C.Evans Poet  
Nicholas Evans Artist  
Rian Evans Writer  
Ruth Evans Artist  
Tony Evans Artist  
Peter Evershed Artist  


Oliver Fairclough Keeper of Art  
Anne Farrell Irish storyteller  
Fernhill Folk group  
Paul Ferris Biographer  
Victoria Field    
Alan Figg Wood Engraver  
Gill Figg Painter  
Non Figg    
Peter Finch Poet  
Peter Finnemore Photographer  
Charlie Fisher Friend of Dylan Thomas  
Chris Fisher Artist  
John Knapp-Fisher Artist  
Eugene Fisk Artist  
Keith Floyd Chef  
Mark Folds Sculptor  
Mary Fogg Artist  
Jackie Ford Artist/print maker  
Laura Ford Sculptor  
John Foster    
Rag Foundation Folk group  
Keith Fynn American poet  
Vivian French Writer  
Rose Frain Artist  
Alan Francis Architect  
Hywel Francis M.P.  
Karl Francis Film director  
Mike Francis    
Abigail Fraser Artist  
John Freeman Poet  
Michael Freeman Artist  
Liz Frost    
The Fugitives Canadian spoken word artists 73/05  
John Fuller Poet  
Janice Moore-Fuller American poet  
Jo Furber    
Hideo Furuta Sculptor  
Ffynon Folk group  


Valerie Ganz Artist  
Raymond Garlick Poet  
David Garner Artist  
Brian Gaylor Photographer  
Emma Gelliot    
David Gepp Photographer  
Phil George Film maker  
Sally George    
John Geraint Film maker  
Arthur Giardelli Artist  
Bim Giardelli Artist  
John Gibbens Poet  
Veronica Gibson Artist  
Mark Gilbert Scottish artist  
Zoe Gilbert Runner up Dylan Thomas prize  
David Gilbey Poet  
Anthony Goble Artist  
Carlos Goldgrub Photographer  
Victor Golightly Writer  
John Goodby Poet  
Liv Goode Artist  
Mel Gooding Art historian  
Lorna Goodison Poet DTFest 111  
Iris Gower Writer  
Jon Gower Arts writer BBC  
Richard Perceval Graves Writer  
Kathryn Gray Poet  
Andrew Green Librarian  
James Green Head of Fine Art  
John Greening Poet  
David Greenslade Poet  
William Greenway Poet  
Jason Gregory Artist  
Chris Griffin Artist  
Basil Griffiths Poet  
David Griffiths Artist  
Mansel Griffiths Textile designer  
Martin Griffiths Artist  
Niall Griffiths Writer  
Phillip Jones-Griffiths Photographer  
W.J.Gruffydd Poet  
Kirsty Guise Ceramic artist  
Guy Gunaratne Winner, Dylan Thomas prize  
Elis Gwyn Artist  


Elizabeth Haines Artist  
Shannon Hale Children’s writer  
Chris Hall Poet  
Christopher Hall Artist  
Dan Llewelyn Hall Artist  
Louisa Hall Runner up, Dylan Thomas prize  
Rory Hancock Artist  
Sally Hands Artist/print maker  
Rebecca Hansell Poet  
Robert Harding Sculptor  
Prof Barbara Hardy Writer  
Chris Harris (Bourdon Brindlle)    
Sue Hiley-Harris Artist  
Paula Harris Poet  
Richard Harris Artist  
Desmond Harrison Artist  
Kevin Harrison Artist  
David Hastie Artist  
Mary Hayman Stained Glass Artist  
Jane Hawkins Artist  
Rozanne Hawksley Artist  
Maria Hayes Artist  
Denis Healey    
John Hegley Poet  
Kurt Heinnzelman Poet  
Adrian Henri Artist  
Paul Henry Poet  
Josef Herman Artist  
Nin Herman Widow of Josef  
Tony Hethrington Poet  
Mike Hill Environmental Artist  
Jack Hirchman American poet  
Amber Hiscott Stained Glass Artist, Sketty  
Boys from the Hill Folk group  
Annie Giles-Hobbs Artist  
Br David Hodges Poet  
Barbara Holdridge Caedmon Records  
Kevin Crossley-Holland    
Harry Holland Artist  
Edgar Holloway Artist  
Jennifer Holloway Artist  
Nick Holly Artist  
Clyde Holmes Artist/poet  
Michael Holroyd Writer  
Rick Hool Poet  
Carol Hopkins Writer  
Sarah Hopkins Artist/print maker  
Royston Hopson Artist  
Mererid Hopwood Poet  
Simon Howe Artist  
Neale Howells Artist  
Adrienne Howes Artist  
John Howes Artist  
Brian Hughes Composer  
David Hughes Poet  
Frieda Hughes Poet  
Gareth Lloyd-Hughes Photographer  
Pat Hughes    
Iestyn Hughes    
Kati Hughes Actress  
Lyn Hughes    
Dr Tristan Hughes    
The Big Hum Singers  
Maggie Humphrey Ceramic artist  
Emyr Humphreys Writer  
Sue Hunt Artist  
David Hurn Photographer  
Emily Huws    
Bethan Huws Artist  
Meirion MacIntyre-Huws Poet  


Kathy Iffla Sculptor  
Bert Isaac Artist  


Phillipa Jacobs Artist  
John James Poet  
Shani Rhys-James Artist  
Simon James    
Jacque de Ladd    
Josef Janda Czech poet  
Alfred Janes Artist  
Hilly Janes Journalist  
Mary Janes Widow of Alfred  
Paul Jeff Artist  
Ian Jeffreys Writer  
Geraint Jenkins Dir CWCS  
Clive Hicks-Jenkins Artist  
Mark Jenkins Playwright  
Mike Jenkins Poet  
Nigel Jenkins Poet  
Petr Jochmann Czech artist  
Catherine Johnson    
Nicholas Johnson    
Peter Jonckheere Artist  
Aneurin Jones Artist  
Angharad Jones Artist  
Chris Bird Jones    
Dr Brinly Jones President  
Catrin Jones Stained Glass Artist  
Col Jones Artist/Writer  
Christine Jones Ceramic artist  
Colin Jones Application Developer / Artist  
Martyn Dalimore-Jones Artist  
Daniel Jones Composer  
Eleri Jones Artist  
Elfin Jones Artist  
Gerald Jones Sculptor  
T.Gwyn-Jones Poet  
Elizabeth Iorwerth-Jones Sketty  
Jack Jones Artist  
John Jones Artist  
Jonah Jones Artist/writer  
Margaret Jones Artist  
T. Llew-Jones Poet  
Mary Lloyd-Jones Artist  
Mairwen Prys-Jones    
Megan Jones Artist  
Meirwen Jones Gomer Press  
Menna jones Jewelry Designer  
Mike Jones Artist  
Millie Jones Sculptor  
Peter Jones Ex ACW  
Tim Jones Artist  
Ivor Roberts-Jones Sculptor  
Rhodri Jones Photographer  
Sally Roberts-Jones Writer  
Shirley Jones Artist/engraver  
Peter Thabet-Jones Poet  
Ann Jordan Textile Artist / Painter  
Meirion Jordon Poet  
Jane Joseph Artist  
Philip Joseph Director  
Barb Jungr Singer  


Sasha Kagan Knitware designer  
Martin Kellcher Poet  
Sue Kelsall Artist/print maker  
Brian Kennedy Art historian Ulster Museum  
Philip Kerr Children’s writer  
Ken Kesey Writer  
John Kiki Artist  
Clive King Artist  
Shirley King Actress  
Bob Kingdom Actor  
Chris Kinsey Artist  
Becky Knight Artist  
Stephen Knight Writer  
Gideon Koppel Film maker  
Helen Kosich Artist  
Josef Koudelka Photographer  
Radovan Kraguly Artist  
Karen Kramer Film Director  


Fintan Lacy Irish poet  
Elizabeth Laird    
Terrence Lambert Artist  
Jean Paul Landreau Ceramic artist  
Mandy Lane Artist  
Aimee Lax Artist  
David Lee Writer  
Karel Lek Artist  
Daleet Leon Artist  
Trace Leonard Photographer  
Erich Lessing Photographer  
Clarissa Lewis Daughter of John Piper  
David Lewis Artist  
Gwyneth Lewis Poet  
Joan Lewis Widow of Gomer Lewis  
Lee Lewis Artist  
Moira Lewis Harpist  
Sian Lewis Children’s writer  
Tim Lewis Stained glass artist  
Tim Liardet Poet  
Liberty 37 Rock band  
Sporting Life Skiffle group  
Andrea Liggins Photographer  
Sain Lile Stained glass artist  
George Little Artist  
Alison Lloyd Curator  
Ben Lloyd Artist  
Chris Lloyd Artist  
Iwan Llwyd Poet  
Tim Long Artist  
Tertia Longmire Artist/poet  
Helen Lopez Artist  
Peter Lord Artist/art historian  
J.G.Lubbock Artist  
Rut Blees Luxemburg Artist / Photographer  
Andrew Lycett Biographer  
John Lyons Artist  


Michal Macku Czech photographer  
Nick Macias Poet  
Julian MacDonald Fashion designer  
Robert Macdonald Artist  
Karen MacKinnon Curator, Glynn Vivian Gallery  
Emma McCallam Artist  
Ron McCormick Photographer  
Nicholas McDowal Old Stile Press  
Frances McDowal Old Stile Press  
Oisin McGann Children’s writer  
Roger McGough Poet  
Edwina Mc Grail Artist  
Patrick McGuinness Poet  
Beth McIntyre Curator  
Donald McIntyre Artist  
Ian Mc Millan    
Ralph McTell Singer  
Eric Maddern Pianist  
Philip Madoc Actor  
Dr Angela Maddock Textile Artist  
Robert Manno American composer  
David Marchant Artist  
Roy Marsden Artist  
Rob Marshall    
Sir George Martin Record producer  
Guy Masterson Actor  
Steph Mastoris Dir of the Waterfront Museum  
Ceri Rhys Matthews Musician  
Graham Matthews Photographer  
Peter Matthews Artist / Photographer  
Sally Matthews Artist  
Carol Mavor Prof  
June Mayhew Artist  
Jo Mazelis Writer  
Mary Medlicott Writer/ story teller  
Chris Meredith Writer  
Adrian Metcalf Actor  
John Metcalf Composer  
Robert Meyrick Artist  
Merlin Sextet    
Alan Michael AM    
Claire Middleton Artist  
Eleri Mills Artist  
Susan Milne Artist  
Robert Minhinnick Poet  
John Minihan Photographer  
Allan Mitchell Mayor of Winchester  
Adrian Mitchell Poet  
Bernard Mitchell Photographer  
Jeremy Mitchell Writer  
Julian Mitchell Writer  
Tracey Moberly   Artist
Uta Molling Artist  
David Moore Curator Brecon Museum  
Jeremy Moore Photographer  
Sally Moore Artist  
Tony Steele-Morgan Artist  
Glyn Morgan Artist  
Goff Morgan Writer  
Margot Morgan    
Nigel Morgan    
Rhodri Morgan    
Ruth Morgan Children’s writer  
Michael Morpurgo Children’s writer  
Basil Morris Poet  
Jackie Morris Artist  
Jan Morris Poet  
John Meirion Morris Sculptor  
Tom Morris Artist  
Twm Morris Poet  
Roger Moss Sculptor  
Paul Munn Artist / Painter  
Blanaid Murphy Irish conductor  
Liam Murphy Irish story teller  
Les Murray Australian poet  
Jaroslav Mykisa Stained glass artist  


Jean Napier Photographer  
David Nash Sculptor  
Will Nash Sculptor/artist  
Chris Needs    
John Nesbitt Photographer  
Martin Newell    
Robert Newell Artist  
Cor Newyddion Da Choir  
Gerald Nicosia Biographer  
Linda Norris Artist  
Chris Nurse Artist  


Brenda Oakes Artist  
Tina O’Connell Artist  
Paul O’ Connor Photographer  
Kaite O’Reilly Drama Writer  
Stephen Oliver Artist  
Geoffrey Olsen Artist  
Ifeoma Onyefulu    
Peter Oram Writer  
Michael Organ Artist  
Chris Ozzard    
Ozi Rhys Osmond Artist/writer  


Victor Paananen American Prof  
John Paddison Sculptor  
Simon Page Artist / Teacher  
Graham Parker Artist  
Ruth Parmiter Artist/print maker  
Malcolm Parr Poet  
Emrys Parry Artist  
Gareth Parry    
Iwan Gwyn Parry Artist  
Brian Patten Poet  
Michael Gustavious Payne Artist  
Hilary Paynter Wood engraver  
Colin See Paynton Artist/wood engraver  
Sebastian Peake Son of Mervyn Peake  
David Pearl Glass Artist / Photographer / Painter  
Charles Pegge Artist  
Antony Penrose Son of Lee Miller  
Myles Pepper West Wales Arts Centre  
Gerald Peregrine Cellist  
Alan Perry Artist/poet  
David Perry Artist  
Jean Perry Artist  
Sarah Perry Runner up, Dylan Thomas prize  
Kevin Perryman Poet/photographer  
Lubomir Pesek Czech artist  
David Petersen Sculptor/Metal Worker  
Pascale Petit Poet  
John Petts Artist  
Kusha Petts Artist  
Stephen Pilkington Conductor  
Lee John Phillips Artist  
Sian Phillips Actress  
Sara Philpott Artist/engraver  
Tom Piper Artist  
Alan Plater Writer  
Eileen Pollock Actress  
Richard Poole Lecturer  
Mal Pope Compere Dylan Thomas prize  
Peter Porter Australian Poet  
Johnathon Powell Artist  
Roy Powell Artist  
Sian Preece Poet  
Peter Prendergast Artist  
Gwilym Pritchard Artist  
Sion Probert Actor  
Candida Proctor Photographer  
Sheenagh Pugh Poet  
Tim Pugh Artist  


Scott Quinnell    


Julie Rainsbury Poet  
Richard Ramsbotham    
Jenny Randerson    
Peter Read Poet  
Peter Reading Poet  
Angharad Rees Actress  
Celia Rees Children’s writer  
Damian Rees Composer  
Gwyneth Rees    
Ieuan Rees Calligrapher  
Prof Linford Rees Surgeon  
Jamie Reid Artist  
Richard Renshaw Sculptor  
Alun Reynolds Photographer  
Oliver Reynolds    
Samantha Wynne Rhydderch Poet  
Letitia Rhys Poet  
Alun Richards Writer  
Bryn Richards Artist  
Ceri Richards Artist  
Edith Richards Artist  
Harold Richards Photographer  
Terry Richards Photographer  
Matthew Richardson Artist  
Sophy Rickett Artist / Photographer  
Philip Ridley Children’s writer  
Angelo Rinaldi Artist/book illustrator  
Maurice Riordan    
Joe Roberts Blacksmith/Artist  
John Roberts Artist  
Will Roberts Artist  
Phyllis Roberts Attic Gallery  
Sian Roberts Attic Gallery  
Su Roberts Sculptor  
Lloyd Robson Poet  
Byron Rogers Biographer R.S.Thomas  
Gayle Rogers Artist  
John Rogers Artist  
Frank Roper Sculptor  
Alexandra Roe Attic Gallery  
David Roe Attic Gallery  
Yves Roose Cultural Director  
Euros Rowlands    
Prof John Rowlands    
Kenneth Rowntree Artist  
Georgina Rushworth    
Ken Russell Prof. Transgressions  


Peter Salmon Poet  
Salubrious Rhythm Company    
Fiona Sampson    
Christian Sardet Artist  
Gary Sargeant Artist  
Tony de Saulles    
Alexei Sayle Comedian  
Gerald Scarfe Artist  
Zoe Scoulding Poet  
Helen Sear Artist / Photographer  
John Selway Artist  
William Selwyn Artist  
Olive Senior Poet  
Terry Setch Artist  
Owen Sheers Poet  
Dr Elinor Shepley    
Julian Sheppard Photographer  
Michelle Sheridan Soprano  
Cath Sherrell AAC  
Derek Shiel Writer  
Shimabuku Japanese artist  
Denys Short Artist/sculptor  
Eiriann Short Embroidery artist  
Steve Short Poet  
Bobbie Shrieve Landlord  
Andrew Sinclair Author/film director  
Nicholas Sinclair Photographer  
Davi Singh    
Dorothy Singh Pianist  
Kevin Sinott Artist  
Benoit Sire Artist  
Michael Slaney Organist  
David Slivka Sculptor  
Dai Smith Prof  
Brian Smith Poet  
Joni Smith Artist  
John Smout Artist  
Mark Smout Artist  
Jessica Souhami Children’s Writer  
Raul Speek Artist  
Victor Spinetti    
Antonia Spowers Artist  
Peter Spriggs Artist, Mall Galleries  
Matthew Springford Film director  
Martin Starkie 5 Cwmdonkin Drive  
Lord St David Swansea Museum  
Peter Stead Writer/historian  
Ralph Steadman Artist  
Tim Wilton-Steere Publisher  
Dagma Stein Translator  
Anja Stenina Artist  
Stan Stennett    
Meic Stephens Writer  
Amy Sterly Artist  
Meg Stevens Artist  
Gillian Still Ceramic artist  
Ardre Stitt Artist  
Jessica Stockholder Artist  
Paul Strickland    
Judith Stroud Artist/print maker  
Gordon Stuart Artist  
Jacob Sutton Artist/photographer  
Philip Sutton Artist  
Swansea Jazz Ensemble    
Matthew Sweeney Poet  
Norman Swenk Writer  


G.P.Taylor Writer  
Non Taylor Artist  
Peter Taylor Graphic Artist  
Jenifer Coombe-Tennant    
Alan Temperley Children’s writer  
Bryn Terfel Singer  
Panico Theodosiou Sculptor  
Aeronwy Thomas (nee Ellis) Daughter of Dylan  
Ceri Thomas Artist  
Colm Thomas Son of Dylan  
David Thomas Poet  
David Thomas Historian/writer  
David Thomas Sculptor  
Don M. Thomas Writer  
Dylan Thomas Players Drama Group  
Esther Thomas    
Geraint Thomas Writer  
Gareth Thomas Artist  
Gwyneth Thomas Artist  
Gwynne Thomas Librettist  
Nicola Heywood-Thomas Attic Gallery  
Llew Thomas Artist  
Llewelyn Thomas Cellist  
Rodney Thomas AM Booklive  
Ronald Stuart Thomas Poet  
Prof M.Wynn Thomas    
Matt Thorne Children’s writer  
Nicholas Threadwell Gallery Director  
George Tremlett Writer/book seller  
Margaret Tietze Artist  
Carl Tighe    
Roger Tiley Photographer  
David Tinker Artist  
Martin Tinney Tinney Gallery  
Michael Tomlinson Artist  
Mike Tooby    
Chris Torrance Poet  
Jeff Towns Dylan’s Book Store  
Stan Tracy Jazz pianist  
Larry Tremblay    
David Tress Artist  
Rachel Trezise Writer  
Kerith Trick Writer  
Robin Tritschler Tenor  
Daniel Trivedy Artist  
Keith Turnbull    
David Turner Social Historian  
Sonja Turner Textile artist  
Bonnie Tyler Singer  


Catriona Urquhart Poet  


Jan Verhaeghe Artist  
Mojmir Vrba Czech poet  
Peter Visscher Artist/print maker  


Amy Wadge Singer  
Tessa Waite Artist  
Peter Wakelin Art historian  
Alan Percy-Walker Artist  
Carolyn Wallace Artist  
Gordon Wardman    
Jane Warwick Daughter of Glenys Cour  
Conrad Watkins Dir Cyrenians  
Gwen Watkins Writer  
Islwyn Watkins Artist  
Vernon Watkins Poet  
Dr Andy Webb Emyr Humphreys 100th birthday seminar  
Catrin Webster Artist  
Chris Weeks Composer  
John Welson Artist  
Stephen West Wrexham Arts Centre  
Cat Weatherill Children’s writer  
Wexford Youth Choir    
Harry White Artist  
Ann Widdecombe M.P. M.P.  
Dafydd Wigley    
Chris Wiggington Lecturer  
Ian McAllistair-Wild Poet  
Steven Wileo Artist  
Paul Willets Writer  
Alan Williams Artist  
Anne Williams Singer  
Bedwyr Williams Artist  
Chris Williams Sculptor / Woodworker  
Claudia Williams Artist  
Dafydd Williams Artist  
Prof Daniel G Williams 5 Cwmdonkin Dr.  
Dylan Williams Artist  
Emrys Williams Artist  
Evelyn Williams Artist  
Fran Williams Elysium Studios, Swansea  
John Hartley-Williams Poet  
Jeremy Huw Williams    
John Williams Writer  
Sir Kyffin Williams Artist  
Lois Williams Artist  
Nigel Williams Artist  
Peter Williams Musician  
Rowan Williams Archbishop/poet  
Sam Williams    
Sian Williams Archivist, South Wales Miners Archive  
Sioned Williams    
Sue Williams Artist  
Tracy- Ann Williams Artist  
Warren Williams Artist  
Robin Williamson Singer  
Peter Wills Ceramic artist  
Jen Wilson Jazz Musician  
Kate Wilson Ceramic artist  
Ralph Wishart Ralph the Books  
Cathy DeWitt Photographer  
Ger Wolf Poet  
Evelyn Wolstenholme Artist / Photographer  
Craig Wood Artist  
Will Wood Head Brewer, Lacons, Great Yarmouth  
Cathy Woods Sculptor  
David Woodford Artist  
Gabriel Woolf Actor  
Pip Woolf Artist  
Angela Woolfe Children’s writer  
David Woolley    
Chris Wright Artist  


Mary Yapp Albany Gallery  
Geoff Yeomans Artist  


Ernest Zobole Artist  

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