The Abysm, by Gareth Phillips, College Street Gallery, Swansea

The Abysm – Elysium Gallery, College Street, Swansea – 27th November 2021.

I don’t often say this  but I found that the exhibition by Gareth Phillips, at the Elysium, College Street Gallery, in Swansea was profound and moving.

The work was created over a long period of time, as a memorial and tribute to his father during his period of ill health, in the form of both prints and a large number of books.

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Richard Billingham

Richard Billingham, Artist, Photographer, film maker, and teacher was born in 1970, he graduated in Art from Sunderland University. His early work documented family life in a council flat in the West Midlands, which was nominated for The Turner Prize. He now lives with his family in Swansea and in 2018 was presented with the Wakelin Award for his landscape photograph in the picture.

Evelyn Wolstenholme

Evelyn Wolstenholme is a documentary photographer. She won First Prize in the Glynn Vivian Gallery, Open competition in 2019 with this work on the theme of Life and Death. She studied at the Swansea school of Art with a First Class B.A degree and now lives and works in Swansea.