Another Year, Another, 2021

Another Year, another” brings together seven artists who studied and recently ‘graduated’ from the BA (Hons) Fine Art: Studio, Site & Context course at Swansea College of Art in 2020. This show is testament to the end of year exhibition that they were denied as the result of Covid 19. These artists have now finally come together to show you what went right during a time where a lot of things went wrong. Here are some of the artists.

Elisha Hughes, Photography.

My practice investigates a place that is forever changing and the remain. Since a young age, I have used photography as a tool for me to document and capture everything around me. Not only to grasp something that may disappear, but to capture something from a different perspective, perhaps the things that seem insignificant. Using materials such as photography, drawing, installation enables me to ask questions, to create conversations and to be curious. I want my work to be a place of reflection, a place that I capture and a place that discovers.

After graduating in 2020, I was awarded a 15-month fellowship from the Artist’ Benevolent Fund and Fine Art at Swansea. The work featured in this exhibition, Another Year, Another, drawings, text and 8ft photographic sculptures, are an accumulation of all the research and encounters during my fellowship. A direct response from and to the local landscape that surrounds me.

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Elisha Hughes, Photography.

Abigail Fraser, Lights and Drawings. Belinda Golding, Video.

Jess Parry, Paintings.