Morriston 1960s

Here for a change an extract from the early archive, Morriston in the early 1960’s. You might call it street photography. Give a child a camera and adults will ignore you, he probably does not know what he is doing or has no film in the camera, other young people do take an interest. From an early age I was fascinated by the interaction of people in groups. I started in Morriston where I was born and brought up.

Bernard Mitchell


Street children Horeb Road.


Women in Woodfield Street
Men in Woodfield Street




Outside Zoar Chapel after service


Cockle seller and cat Woodfield Street.

3 thoughts on “Morriston 1960s

  1. grey

    Hi. Have you got any other old pictures of Horeb road, Morriston, Swansea . I currently live there and would love to see some old pictures.

  2. David McNeff

    Dear Bernard Mitchell,

    I have come upon your photographs of Morriston in the 1960,s on the web and am fascinated by them. I was born and grew up there thro’ the ’60’s and 70’s .

    I well remember the women selling cockles and laver bread on Crown Street outside the pub (the cat is a great little note..).

    My particular favourite is the three men talking (what was it about Gabardine macs?). The hoardings in the background will be around the demolition site of the Regal Cinema so that would seem to date the photo to 1965?

    Of the group of women outside Soar I can remember the woman with the striking face on the extreme right holding the attaché case under her arm.

    I wonder if you have copy prints for sale?

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