Literary Atlas Wales

John Abell


John Abell –  Literary Atlas Wales – ‘Hiraeth for Beginners – ’ Becca and her Children – Newton House –  Llandeilo – 2020

Writer  –  Tristan Hughes – Revenant (2008).

John Abell studied at the Camberwell College of Art, and now lives and works in Cardiff. He is well known for his large scale wood block prints, and colourful water colour painting, linocuts and etchings, that explore the love and lust of the human condition. He is photographed here at the opening of the Becca and her Children Exhibition at Newton House, Dinefwr, Llandeilo in January 2020.

Iwan Bala

Iwan Bala – Literary Atlas Wales – Bute St. Cardiff. 2018.

Enlli: A Learning Aid.

Twenty Thousand Saints (2008) ‘Intrigue on Bardsey Island’ – Fflur Dafydd.

Iwan Bala Artist, Writer and lecturer, born in Sarnau North Wales, studied Politics and Social Sciences at Aberystwyth University and Graduated with his MA in Cardiff. A member of the Becca Group he won the Gold Medal at the Bala National Eisteddfod. He has exhibited across Wales, China and the Czech Republic, Politically aware his c.v. reads like a National Directory. 

Valerie Coffin Price

Valerie Coffin Price –  Literary Atlas Wales –  ‘A Rioter’s Walk’ –  Cardiff – 2018.

Amy Dillwyn – The Rebecca Rioter (1880)

Valerie Coffin Price, Artist-letterer – sculptor was born in Bushey, Hertfordshire and moved to Wales in 1956.

She studied at the Winchester School of Art, Chelsea College and the City and Guilds of London Art School. Collaborating and cross arts working have been essential to her arts practice.

The folding sketchbook was a key element in the ‘ A Rioters Walk ‘ project’. She walked and sketched following the narrative of the novel. The twists and turns  of a journey reflecting in the interplay of art and text. 

Joni Smith

Joni Smith – Artist -‘Concrete Ribbon Road’ – Norwich –  2018.

Lloyd Jones Mr Vogel (2004 ).

Joni Smith is a contemporary artist known for her paper installations that explore and rework the map. Originally from Leamington Spa, she was raised in the hills of North Wales and is currently residing in Norwich – Joni’s fascination with a sense of place threads throughout her work.

‘I see my practice as a series of quasi scientific investigations contrasting installation and paper based work.

Originally from Leamington Spa, Joni Smith was brought up in North Wales, she graduated with an MA in Textile culture at Norwich University College of the Arts where she now lives.

Her intricately hand cut paper work and Installation Art, is influenced by mapping, scientific theories and mathematic algorithms.

‘ I see my practice as a series of quasi-scientific investigations contrasting installation and paper based work.’

Amy Sterly

Amy Sterly – Llanfaircaereinion – Powys – 2018.

Amy Sterly is a printmaker and sculptor originally from Chicago, now living in a small community in Wales . She tries to subvert the idea of the rural idyll through her prints and her recent sculptures have reinvented the nature of the book into something tactile that triggers the memory and emotion.

It was also a very pleasant journey through the lovely rolling hills between Welshpool and Newtown, the true heartland of Wales.

Amy Sterly is originally from Chicago , USA, she graduated in Fine Art at Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois and moved to the U.K. in 1989.

She is a Print Maker and Sculptor, who has exhibited across Wales, Europe and America.

‘ I want my Art to trigger emotion and memory and change the object into something that you might not expect’.

‘Being involved in the Literary Atlas Wales project has been an exiting and inspiring journey that has helped me find a new direction for my work and it also helped me explore new connections and meanings  between literature, art and the concept of mapping.

The interdisciplinary nature of the project forces one to think about the nature of fiction and its place in the real world and how it connects with the way we imagine the story we are reading.’

It was also a very pleasant journey for me to travel to the lovely rolling hills between Welshpool and Newtown the true heartland of Wales.