Jess Parry

My practice explores all things visceral, grotesque, graphic and taboo. I’m fascinated by the filth and flesh that makes us human and the philosophical concept of the monstrous femme.

Through my work, I confront ideological womanly bodily parts. I explore these through painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, and video/photography. I demand a reaction and expect a confrontation between the viewer and my work. I produce work which is thought provoking and can be visually challenging at times. It is not identified as a pretty picture on a wall but can be welcoming to the viewer through my sinister seduction. I like to be raw and brutally honest within my work.

This painting titled ‘I picked my spot’ was produced as part of a body of work for my first solo exhibition – ‘EXCESS’ at Queen Street Gallery in July 2021. I use my body to generate my own subjects for my work as identified within this painting where I simply had a spot on my face, I picked my spot where it bled then I consciously smudged that bloodied bodily fluid down my cheek and took a photo of it to paint from. I would say that this is the main image that documents that body of work from that time and exhibition.