Anja Stenina – G.S.Artists Gallery. – ‘You Know What I Mean’

Anja Stenina is from Riga Latvia, she is Conceptual Artist who has been studying for a Research Masters at the Swansea College of Art.

‘You Know What I Mean’

Her exhibition at the G.S. Artists Gallery in High Street, Swansea ,needs more than a few still photographs to do it justice.

The gallery was lit in a low blue light that echoed its nautical theme, two flat screens played on opposite walls, on one a lady danced in the surf on the other a sailor in a fish mask danced across a flat roof to the song ‘ What should we do to the Drunken Sailor’ on a loop. On the end wall were script messages for example. ‘There is no such thing as justifiable violence’ and ‘ Informed consent is an uncrossable barrier’ which brought a strangely serious message to what had begun as just ironic humour.