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Ceri Richards 1903-1971.

Ceri Richards was born in 1903 in this house, the family home ‘ Preswylfa’, Fairwood Road, Dunvant. On the 16th June 2016 Swansea City Councillor Robert Francis Davies unveiled a blue plaque in honour to Swansea’s greatest artist. Prof Tim Davies of Swansea College of Art gave the speech and also present were Ceri’s daughter Rhiannon and her art historian husband Mel Gooding, author of the wonderful biography ‘Ceri Richards’

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Bonds of Attachment – Emyr Humphreys at 100.


A Centenary Symposium to celebrate the birthday of Emyr Humphreys, was organised by Prof Kirsti Bohata, at Swansea University, on the 13th April 2019.

One of the greatest Welsh Writers. Emyr Humphreys was born in Prestatyn on the 15th of April 1919, this symposium was organised to honour his literary and cultural legacy. Here are some of the great and the good who were present.

Bernard mitchell 2020.


Reminder of the Way Ahead. Swansea University. November 2019.

The project was launched in November 2019  by Professor of Creativity, Poet and Writer, Owen Sheers. Also taking part were, Peter Matthews artist-photographer, Dr Ruth Callaway Marine Biologist, Kaite O’Reilly Drama Writer, Professor David Turner Social Historian.

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VENUS – Oriel Q, Narberth – 2018.

William McClure Brown, Scottish, Canadian, Welshman, Friend,  created ‘The Venus of Blaengwynfi’ to join his other iconic mythical beasts that inhabited the valleys of South Wales.

Two of his other friends, members of the group who met up at the Westbourne Hotel in Swansea had received through the post a small wax female figure.

This new Welsh Venus to rival the Venus of Willendorf unearthed by William on the hill above the mining village of Blaengwynfi. He asked artist Keith Bayliss and sculptor Roger Moss to join him and create their own Welsh Venus.

Ten years had passed since Williams death which left an irreplaceable void in our group. However three figures of the ‘ Venus of Blaengwynfi were united for the exhibition VENUS at Oriel Q in Narberth in 2018.