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The South Wales Miners Archive – Hendrefoillan – Swansea


The South Wales Miners Archive is a hidden treasure in what looks like the old coach house? In the Grounds of Hendrefoillan House, part of Swansea University Archive and home to the Victorian Industrialist and Novelist Amy Dillwyn, I will let the pictures do the rest.

G.S. Artists Gallery – Dragon’s Revenge – Jamie Reid

This was my first visit to the G.S. Artists Gallery in High Street, in Swansea, the home for progressive artist and I wish I had found it before.

The first time I took a photograph off a television screen, was on the editors television, the only one in the office ‘The First Steps For Mankind’ was the headline, half of the front page, a blurry pic, but I was there! As Max Boyce once said.

The second time that I took a televised portrait, was of the punk  pop-art, artist and anarchist Jamie Reid, he was not in the gallery at the moment.

Jamie Reid was born in London in 1947 and one of his best known works is the Sex Pistols Album ‘Never mind the Bollocks, Here are the Sex Pistols’,     (words: Tate Modern). He now lives in Liverpool, the second capital of Wales, so that might explain ‘Dragon’s Revenge’. Looking after the exhibition was G.S. Artist Abigail Fraser.

Bernard Mitchell

Glenys Cour – 4th March 2020

This photograph is of artist Glenys Cour of Mumbles, Swansea. Now 96 and still working every day. She is holding a fifty year old drawing, the final design for a stained glass window.