Elysium, Gallery, Studios and Bar

ELYSIUM is an artist led, self sustaining enterprise, comprising of a Contemporary Art Gallery, eighty four artists studio work spaces, over four sites in the centre of Swansea  for contemporary artists of all disciplines. And now don’t forget the Bar.


Rory Hancock

Rory Hancock,is a talented photographer and painter of photorealistic oil paintings. His work is influenced by Andy Warhols consumerism, and the marketing  in glossy magasines. He works from the Elysium studios in Mansel Street, Swansea and has exhibited from London to New Delhi.



Jonathan Powell

The first time I met Jonathan Powell The Swansea School of Art was at the Townhill Campus. It was in 2005/6 I was doing my MA in Photography.  In Fine Art, Also doing his Masters Jonathan was painting a large back and white oil. Impressed, I asked if I could take a photograph. (I will put it up, when I can get at my locked down archive).

It is now 2020 and Jonathan is Director of Elysium Gallery, which is the most exiting project to promote emerging and established visual artists to ever happen in Swansea. It fills a void that existed in 2007 for studio work places, and most important Galleries to show and sell their work. There are now studios for over a hundred artists on four sites in the City Centre including the New Elysium Gallery Bar in High Street. What a fantastic achievement. So here follows my project to document the artists, their studios and exhibitions, and add it to my Welsh Arts Archive.


Kate Bell

Kate Bell was the first Elysium Artist that I photographed in this project to document the artists working in the Elysium studios. Kate graduated from the Swansea School of Art with a Masters Degree and for thirty years has been teaching and following He her  own painting career. Her studio in the Orchard Street Complex is full of her colourful and dynamic abstract landscapes of land, sea and sky with enough space for a sofa to relax over a cup of coffee, what a pleasure it was to see.



Ann Jordan

Ann Jordan works from the Mansel Street studio complex and is a Founder Director of Elysium Artists. She graduated from the Swansea School of Art with a Masters degree in Fine Art. Ann is a mixed media/textile worker, spinning, weaving, stitching and knitting her complex sculptural landscapes reflecting the traditional and contemporary with a domestic style that echo her first calling as a midwife.




Graham Parker

Graham Parker was born in the Sandfields in Swansea near to Swansea Bay and the ever changing sea and shore line that has been a source for his painting for many years. His work has evolved from the dynamic realism of the storms that hit the bay, to the calm of his more recent abstract works. He is photographed here in his Mansel Street studio.




Daleet Leon

Daleet Leon, was born in Israel and has lived in Swansea since 2001, where she studied for her BA and the Swansea School of Art, and in 2013 she completed her MA at the Royal College of Art. Her work involves painting, etching and drawing can be described as landscapes or dreamscapes exploring dimensions of reality and dream like visions. She is photographed here in her Mansel Street, Studio.




Steph Mastoris

Steph Mastoris, is a typographic artist who uses traditional letterpress techniques. His work is concerned with the power and elegance of letter and word forms. Steph studied history at London University and is Head of the Waterfront Museum in Swansea. He is photographed here in his print room in the College Street, Elysium Studios.



Paul Nunn

Artist Paul Nunn photographed in his Elysium Gallery Orchard Street, studio.




Phillip Cheater

Philip Cheater is a graphic artist with elements from society, a cornucopia of large scale optical semiotics. Photographed here in his College Street, studio, below the old Barons Night Club, where none of the spaces seem to have windows